It’s almost time!

After literally years of talking about it, debating it, considering it, weighing the pros and cons and generally just going around in circles about the whole idea, we will be opening our very own vet clinic on Wednesday – as in 5 days from now! We’re very excited (and, ok, a bit nervous) about Sandhills Veterinary Hospital becoming a reality, although it still seems a bit surreal at the moment. 

We’ve had incredible support from our family and friends, and I can’t thank each of them enough (just keep it coming everyone!).  Our amazing building is thanks to Doug Hurlbert, our talented architect, and his wife Sue Ann, a vet herself who provided invaluable insight as well as everyone at Cohn Construction, especially our great site supervisors Kenny and John. A huge thanks to Carole Van Hoffelen of Cool Illustrator for having immense patience with us on the logo design; the finished product is amazing!

I think that’s enough superlatives for one post (and my first one at that), but in later ones I’m going to tell everyone who doesn’t know us quite as well a bit about us and our four-legged family members. And try to come up with a good closing tag line……….    



  1. Trey Fitts

    Welcome to town Bocat!


  2. Angie Martin

    Our son will be graduation from basic at Ft. Jackson. We have two dachshunds, one a year old and another not quite a year. We cannot bear leaving them in Canadian, Texas while we travel to see Corey graduation. Do you board dogs for a couple of days while we enjoy the festivities at Fort Jackson as I understand animals are not allowed.

    • We do have boarding runs as well as a large outdoor exercise area. If you would like more information or to check availability on specific dates, please give us a call at 803-788-9799. And congratulations on your son’s graduation – I’m sure you are very proud of him!

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